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About Us

Tea Villa will always be our brand – in the sense that you will always find the warmth and togetherness that you expect from a good cuppa and delicious food.

Customer satisfaction is what we judge ourselves by. If they are delighted, we have served our purpose of our being!

Using high quality ingredients, we have appealing sweet and savoury selections which make us unique. We consider ourselves the first vegetarian café to bring you a variety of different cuisines under one roof! We also take pride in our range of quality teas. Our premium teas include black teas, green teas, herbal teas (infusions), and flavoured teas (black or green tea plus other flavours).

Our Story

We introduced the vegetarian café to Singapore with the hope of giving vegetarians a variety of different cuisines to choose from at one location! A warm, inviting café that had a range of mouth-watering food and over 100 teas , we also aim to entice the coffee culture in Singapore into a tea appreciating one.

Today, our café is filled with young and old, teenagers and couples, vegetarians and the ones who crave fresh and good food, tea lovers and coffee lovers alike!

We are thankful for this journey, and thankful for you walking alongside with us!

Ekta Rathod & Abhishek Rathod